Beta v0.9.8 Notes:

1) Thanks to those who made a pledge during my Kickstarter campaign! Unfortunately, I failed to reach my goal, and consequently, Anagrams Blitz shall languish forever in a perpetual beta phase, not unlike its author.

2) Anagrams Blitz is prone to crash at inopportune moments because I am using a free communal server that was not designed for a production environment. The site is not popular enough to justify the expense of a dedicated server or domain name. For a stabler experience, please see Chris Grubb’s implementation at his website.

3) As of Beta v0.9.8, most or all of the lobby bugs should be fixed. No matter your current game state, you should be able to refresh the lobby or have duplicate browser windows open without running into issues. In fact, just for funsies, try to break the site in this manner and see what sort of mischief you can get into.

4) Site is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

5) Anagrams Blitz should be played on a laptop or desktop with a keyboard.

6) Allow pop-ups. The game client will appear in a separate window from the main site.

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